EyeGraffix Remote Monitoring Software

This is available with all Bretby Gammatech Ash-Eye products.

EyeGraffix is a remote monitoring software application for the Bretby Gammatech Ash Eye and Heat Eye ash monitoring systems.
It allows users to see the current status of the system and quality of coal being monitored as well as being able to display historical activity, generating reports and exporting data in formats that can be used by other applications.

The system also alerts users to system problems or changes on coal quality, using audible alerts, graphical icons or emails.


  • Connect to up to 25 Ash-Eye/Heat-Eye systems simultaneously.
  • Alerts user to levels outside of normal limits (ash content, calorific value, etc.).
  • Shows a graphical representation of current and historical parameters.
  • Connects to systems over RS232/RS485 serial communications, FibreOptic  or Ethernet.
  • Mutliple EyeGraffix terminals can be used in a system using  a LAN/WAN network to link together (only one physical connection to each Ash-Eye/Heat-Eye system is required).
  • Generation of reports in Microsoft™ Excel or generic spreadsheet format.
  • Multiple reports can be configured to be generated automatically at regular intervals and emailed to recipients.
  • System alerts can be notified to users by email, with the ability to define how long an alert must be active for before being emailed out.
  • Remote viewing and setting of Ash-Eye/Heat-Eye system parameters and sensor status.
  • Settings of user defined limits for monitored parameters.