New Ash Probe Carry Bag     New Design Carry Bag for Ash probe

 When a customer in Canada asked if we could make a protective carry bag for the Ash Probe, so that the operators could leave the handles attached when they are out in the field to carry out ash monitoring, we jumped at the chance.  The problem was that the transit bag sold with the Ash Probe was not getting used in the field,  leading to the Ash probe being potentially damaged.  The customer felt that if we designed a carry bag allowing the handles to remain fixed on the probe it was more likely to be used.

Our systems engineer Neil Jenkinson is pictured here with the new bag design featuring a slotted top to allow the probe to be put inside the inner proetctive tube without unscrewing the handles.  This will be put through its paces in Canada very soon.

If you would like an operational Ash Probe bag please email for a quote.


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