NEW AshGraffix display put through its paces in Vietnam

Vietnam Taem 

 General manager Gary Wain visited Vietnam in March to see customers and to introduce the new Ash Probe touch screen display unit along with our agent STS.  Gary went to the Coal preparation sites in Northern Vietnam to see customers at Vang Danh Coal Company, Cua Ong Coal Preparation Company and Mao Khe Coal Company to demonstrate the benefits of the new lighter designed display unit which features a full HD colour touch screen, easy to use menus, faster more powerful processor and a multi-language option which was well received by the Vietnamese customers. 
AshGraffix on testAShGraffix used on truck deliveries

 At Mao Khe Gary demonstrated the new AshGraffix controller using the customers existing Ash Probe and then had samples taken by the onsite laboratory.  The results were only 0.1% different between the Ash Probe and the Laboratory which the customer was delighted with.  The unit was used at Vang Danh Coal Company to measure the Ash of Coal trucks ( see pic).

At Cua Ong Coal Preparation Company in Quang Ninh province the new AshGraffix was demonstrated against the existing system.  The customer takes a sample from the conveyor into a container which is then probed with the Ash probe and the results recorded manually and stored in the unit for later analysis.  The customer was very happy to see a smaller lighter unit with the capacity to store 100 calibrations verses the older Ash Probe display unit.
Sampling with the new touch screen AshGraffix display unitSmall compact display unit AshGraffix

The unit actually fits inside the lid of the old Ash Probe Display Unit

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