Bretby Gammatech receive testimonials from UK Customers

Steve Pringle, Head of Coal Preparations at UK Coal said  “ …having had over 25 years operational experience with the NGCQM, I am qualified to say that this equipment is the most cost effective, reliable and maintenance free equipment that is available with such an accurate repeatability of on-line ash analysis. It is the only on-line ash monitoring equipment that I would specify using when designing Coal Processing Plants which has been my technical role for the British Coal Industry, read more… 

Kellingley Colliery TestimonialKellingley Colliery Testimonial

Paul Braithwaite, Surface manager at Hatfield Colliery partnership said   “The equipment from Bretby Gammatech has, and continues to be, a very accurate and reliable bit of kit. Our continuous production schedule based around 24/7 processing requires highly accurate monitoring to enable us to produce our coal at the correct specification, as demanded by our customers, read more....

Hatfield TestimonialHatfield Colliery Testimonial   

Bretby are delighted to have these very influential managers speak so well about its products, 

“There is nothing like having a customer tell the world what benefits they have derived from using your equipment.  We know how good the equipment is but is always better coming from our customer, we will continue to improve and add new features in the future” said Gary Wain, General Manager at Bretby Gammatech Ltd.

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