Mining Symposium in Vietnam for

Bretby Gammatech and Agent STS

Bretby Gammatech’ s General Manager Gary Wain made a presentation to Cua Ong Coal company department heads and technical team on 10th March prior to the larger meeting in the afternoon.  Gary went through the new innovations on the Bretby equipment and the benefits of using the Natural Gamma technique when measuring the quality of coal.  

In the afternoon representatives from Vinacomin in Hanoi, and up to 30 delegates from the Vietnam mining community were invited to Cua Ong to attend the presentation and take part in what was a lively Q & A session on the Bretby products.  The new AshGraffix touch screen unit was also demonstrated at the meeting, with delegates encouraged to operate the system to show how easy the touch screen menu system is to navigate.  Delegates from Cua Ong and Vang Danh plants were at the meeting and spoke of the great benefits the Ash Probes were having at their respective operations.   The Chief Engineer of Coal Screening and Preparation at Vinacomin closed the meeting and thanked Gary Wain, Mr Tung of STS and all the delegates for listening and hoped for good cooperation between Vinacomin and Bretby Gammatech in the future.

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